Monday, June 6, 2011


"Feelings are everywhere -- be gentle." - J Masai

Doesn't that make you stop and think?  and it's so true, everyone reacts because they have feelings.  Whether someone reacts because one is kind or because one is mean, there is always a reaction.  Try smiling at people you pass in the street, it's rare not to get a smile back.  I was feeling a bit flat the other day, and a woman I passed in the supermarket just smiled at me.  A proper smile, with her eyes all crinkled, and I couldn't help but smile back, and I felt better, and had a smile for the rest of the day.  A gentle act that made my day better.

Something else that always makes a day better is the company of a good friend.  I came across this blog today - Stitching Cow by Lenna Green of LIttle Green Cottage - with a free block of the month stitchery she has done in conjunction with Homespun magazine.  The block of the month is called A Faithful Friend.  Lenna is giving away a whole kit, worth $248!!, to make the quilt along with the blocks!!!  What a wonderful prize... go here to see if you can win... it'd be lovely if you won, even though I'd love to win it myself!!
Link address to use is:
The stitcheries are really pretty...   here are a couple from Homespun's site. 

Now go and smile at someone!!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog & saying hello! It will be a couple of weeks before I actually cut into my socks, but rest assured I'll share the journey, successful or not! :-D

    Thank you also for sharing the 2011 BOM information. I've been looking for a nice project and this might be the one!