Tuesday, July 26, 2011


'The good news is that we are making progress. The bad news is that we're doing too little and moving much too slowly'.                - Sam Nunn 
I would have to say that every day I guess I make progress, but whether it's progress forwards or backwards I'm not sure.  I've started making lists again, and when I follow my lists, things happen, and I tick the lists and I feel as though I'm accomplishing things.  But when I misplace the lists, or ignore them, I'm sure I still make progress, but whether it is a forwards or backwards progress is a moot point!  Mostly it's not progress as delineated by the list though.
I have been reading Brian Tracy again in an effort to progress in a few areas that are somewhat lax, namely in the office!  He has great advice, and he's all for lists too.  Lots of lists, one for today, one for the week, one for the month, one for the year, one for life... well, possibly not quite like that, but you get the picture.  
I'm currently away from home, and normally I enjoy being away, love visiting people, doing different things, but as a result of Brian Tracy I want to be home, making my lists and making some 'progress'! I'm just not sure that that really is progress...

I'm currently trying to progress in one specific area ... finishing some doll clothes and accessories for a special 5 year old's new doll (middle doll above) that I gave her for her 5th birthday before I leave here at the end of the week.  It is slow progress as the knitted patterns, for the specific doll, are complicated, don't have a specific swatch test for the knitted items, (hence either too big or too small at the end of the project), and of the fabric patterns, the same, either too big or too small.  The sewn clothes are not such a problem as I can make the clothes up in the complete item in paper and know how much to alter them.  The doll and patterns are made by the same person, (have any of you made any ak traditions dolls or clothes?) I've tried contacting them but it is rather frustrating..no answer to emails, or phone calls and I only have a few days.  So, in order to progress and get at least a few things finished I've had to start making up my own patterns, and altering those which I can alter without changing the overall effect.  I'll post pictures of the finished items next week when I'm home and can upload my photos to my own computer from my phone.  In the meantime here are a couple of pictures from the doll manufacturers website to show you how lovely the finished things, and dolls, are...or should be!



  1. The doll cloths are great. I need to focus now on some of my ufo's as well, and get them finished.

  2. I love the dolls! I'm new to your blog and (sigh!) (gasp!) it's so lovely! : )

    Hey guess what? I cleaned my studio a couple weeks ago and found lots and lots of lists here and there. What a joy to laugh and cross everything off. I just love finding old lists. I remember the stress of making them, and remind myself how silly it is to feel that way. I'm always working, even the little bits count.

    Fibre artist in Canada

  3. What a lovely dolls, they are simply adorable. It's the first time I see this kind of dolls and I'm totally smitten :). I have two DGD's (twins) - they will be 5 years old next week and I know for sure they would love all of this, so your special 5 years old must be very happy with her present. Keep knitting!
    Mac (in the Netherlands)

  4. I know the feeling, but progress (however little) is still a little less that you have left to do!

    Aren't these dolls so sweet? I see them at Shows each year and they do look lovely. I have heard several women complain that the instructions arent full enough...but the doll in a box idea is such a sweet one. I know you will get it completed. Can't wait to see what your doll looks like finally!

    I am launching a doll for little girls in the coming months - it's a repeat pattern that I had for my own DDs many years ago...so stay tuned if you want to keep on doll making!

    1. Esther, did you publish the pattern for your doll yet? would love to see if.