Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." 
— Jorge Luis Borges

Saw this quote on Google today, and it resonates with me.  I have books everywhere, on everything.  In front of me right now there is Kaffe Fassett's Spectacular Shapes, Brian Tracy's (a business writer) 'Focal Point', a Country Home Ideas magazine, and that's just on the desk in front of me.  On and in my bedside table there are piles of books, next to the bed are more, and the bookshelves aren't full, they're overflowing...and I cull books whenever I can.  But somehow the piles remain...

And I make resolutions not to buy any more, but to just borrow them from the library or the guild, or my cottage group...but guess what, sometimes I just have to have the book I borrowed, or I can't wait long enough for the library to bring it in, or it's one I just absolutely positively can't live without, like Barb Adams and Alma Allen's recent book 'Country Inn'...I carry that one with me everywhere at the moment, it makes me itch to sew, and to cook.  The pictures are gorgeous, the quilts and their fabrics are beautiful.  

But first I have to finish things, like last week's applique block which is on the sewing machine at present, and two quilts waiting pin-basting and quilting, and all the redwork blocks I'm embroidering hoping to get them done by Christmas.  So, this Wednesday, what I'm most working on, are the redworks...


  1. Love that quote but for me I like to have books on tape LOL so I can be busy with my hand while my Ipod is in my ear. Your rework is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment.

  2. I too love books and have to stop buying them. Now I buy magazines :)

  3. Books! Books! I know, I know: I've reached a point where it's time to liberate my bookshelves from my many groaning books. I havent picked them up in years...but the trouble is, when I pick them out to decide what to do with them, I fall in love with them all over again.

    You can't have too many books if you ask me...although your house may disagree!

    Love your read work, that is such a pleasure!

  4. Two of my great pleasure - books and fabric. You can never have too many of either:) Thankfully the rest of my family agree (at least about books - so they sort of understand about fabric...)

    Thanks for joining my blog, I hope you enjoy it. And how could I not join yours - it promises a tranquil moment in my day each time I visit.

    (I will be posting some book and magazine reviews soon, stay tuned)
    Kathy http://sew-happyhouse.blogspot.com