Wednesday, May 23, 2012

“Gentleness towards self and others makes life a little lighter.”

Which is as it may be, but I think I might have been somewhat too gentle with myself of late...and as a consequence have a backload of things to be done.
However, I have been working on a number of things, and one project which I will link to Esther's WOW for Wednesday are some basket blocks I have been making, from Sue Daley's basket template (Patchwork with Busyfingers).  they're an inch or so bigger than a Dear Jane block, and a lot easier! I try to finish a minimum of three a day, doesn't always happen, but I have completed just over 50 now, only 148 to go! They're kind of addictive, but as I'm making them using Sharon Schamber's applique stabiliser as the backing for the blocks it's a kind of labour intensive process.  If I'm not sewing them, I'm preparing them, and they seem to take up a lot of time! Good thing I'm enjoying making them.  I'm hoping to incorporate some other pieced blocks with the basket blocks, and see those little leaf shapes that get cut out of the basket...? I've gone truly mad and I make them into leaf shapes for appliqueing too...I think I'll use them in a border on the quilt.  This is one quilt that I can't wait to get finished...and having decided to try to make three a day, the end is visible...just.


  1. I like the colors. the blocks are so cute! It won't take too much longer!! just keep counting down!!

  2. They are cute arne't they. I couldn't resist the pattern when I saw it, and I needed a new project like a hole in the head! But, it's that promise to myself to do three a day and counting down that keeps me at them! Lol. I have another quilt I'm working on that has a similar number of blocks, and I wish I'd started doing a countdown with them when I started it, I'd have it finished now. As it is I'm sewing madly to try and get it finished by Saturday coming to give to the person who asked me to make it...the countdown might have made for a faster finish... next time. :-)