Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Year Quilts...

I have kind of fallen by the wayside with my year quilt and my daily blog, but dreamt a marvellous bowl of flowers the other night that I will use as the basis for my monthly blocks, and will now get busy again.  I have kind of kept up my blog occasionally as a means of keeping a diary, but again that hasn't been constant.  I have decided that I will have to make an appointment time with myself to get each day down for the quilt and the blog.  I seem to write a lot of emails for both business and personal reasons, and I have decided that when I don't have time for my blog that I should just lift some of the stuff I write in my emails for my this will probably get transferred there later today.  Today's fabric choice will have to have a dog in it, as I am about to take our Tigger to the vet for her vaccinations.

And a quick question for you all....what fabric do I use to represent the day before yesterday, when I found out why the contractors haven't been back to finish a sandstone wall prior to our pool being put in.....

....they have been on the run, after committing a double murder!!!!  I thought that would at least deserve a flower on the yearquilt block, lying dead and prone beneath the bowl!  I have been alternatively amused and horrified since finding out.  My brother has asked if I'm sure that after all the excavations that have gone on that our yard shouldn't be checked for unwanted deposits!! I thumped him.


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