Monday, February 2, 2009

Material musing...



Someone posted the url for the Spoonflower fabric design site yesterday (, and I have been blown away by the fabrics that people design just for themselves! My mind has been bubbling away, and I began toying with the idea of trying to make an Australian design themed fabric. One would have to make it fit a fat quarter, and work out the pattern repeat based on that I imagine. As I am not an artist I would probably have to do a bit of colouring-in-book-copying of things that I want, and maybe do a quick art class on drawing.... And then I would need to get up to speed on converting it all into a photo-shop image, and then....I realised that I am rapidly heading for 60 and instead of finding that my days have begun to stretch, and the hours to need filling...I am frequently falling into bed at the end of the day and wishing we had 48 hour days!... so my brief flight of fantasy about becoming a fabric designer met reality head on, and I backed off!! And then this morning I got an email from Spoonflower with their weekly 'vote for the best fabric this week' competition, and the fabrics were fantastic...and my mind began bubbling again....sigh.

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