Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nearly the end of the year...what happened to the New Year Resolutions??

New Year Resolutions.... to refresh myself...

  • Create a new garden in the wreckage of the one we used to have before my partner decided we needed a pool. [very eco-conscious person!]...still happening...waiting for the new fences to be completed, and that looks like happening this coming week!
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week, walk every day – firm up by at least 2 inches everywhere, get flattish belly! - yes, that was happening, but fell backwards down a flight of stairs a few months ago when a door handle came off in my hand...but I'm back to twice weekly at the gym, upping it to 3 next week...and walking most days
  • Finish the Kaffe Fassett inspired quilts [2] - Yay - I've finished one - see above
  • Make a quilt from ever-increasing patchwork squares made as leaders and enders - still working on them - the piles are increasing
  • Make up dresses from the numerous finished pieces of smocking I completed [number...what is the goal here? Maybe 3?] - total so far = 0 :-(    ... maybe one this weekend?
  • Finish quilting old hexagons quilt..still working on it...learnt new quilting method..still trying it out
  • Make new director's chair covers....soon! the pipeline
  • Begin to play a musical instrument - gave that up till next year.
  • Begin to learn to speak Spanish...have a passable vocab by 2010 - also for next year
  • Finish my degree...only a few subjects to go...must get this done! - by the end of 2010..
  • Have completed a majority of my hand-pieced hexagonal jewel squares - still working on them
  • Complete double wedding ring quilt.. ummm, now where is that stuff?

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