Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EQ7 - wouldn't it be wonderful?!

The first time in simply ages that I have gotten around to writing anything.  I have actually been accomplishing/finishing things!  Two quilts back from the quilters, socks finished and given away, another quilt halfway through...that has just kind of kept growing...it was going to be a baby quilt...now it's looking like it might end up a queen size quilt, and I still have to make a baby quilt...actually two! And, shock horror! I have started a Baby Jane quilt...I vowed and declared, most loudly, that I would never ever do that one...and one word from my friend Sandy that she was going to a class, and I meekly followed along, like a lamb to the slaughter....and I am hooked...but I think I might try making all of my blocks by hand.  So far I have completed 3...so a long way to go!  I'll put up some photos a bit later.

But right now, I have to mention that that Mary Mary has a competition to give away a copy of EQ7, so to be in it to win it, go to http://mequilter.blogspot.com/2010/05/exciting-news-eq7-give-away.html and follow Mary's directions to have a chance to win as well!  Good luck everyone!!


  1. ah, and a link to her blog... http://retrofabulous-retro.blogspot.com/2010/05/eq-7-giveaways.html

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  3. I deleted a comment that had the wrong website on it, so for the original EQ7 giveaway blog that I saw go to RETRO-Fabulous! as above...