Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Place of Calm

"Even in the heart of a city there can be a place of calm. Doors shut and curtains closed, a light against the dark, [surrounded] by dear, accustomed things, we can withdraw and find ourselves again" Pam Brown (1928-)

After the urgent rush and bustle, the anxiety, that creating a happy Christmas creates, the sudden calm, the still waters of the following days are balm for the soul.  These few days leading up to New Year, when most business is still closed, when people are away, life takes on a calmness, slows down. I take time for things that make me happy, sewing, reading, cooking satisfying things like mushroom soup.  If it is clear tomorrow I might pack a picnic, some good reading and a blanket and find a shady tree in a park to contemplate leaves and clouds, and quietness.

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