Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"The morning sun, the new sweet earth, and the great silence" -TC McLuhan

Silence, is there silence in a city? In the middle of the night? In the early morning? At dusk? I don't think so.  And I'm really aware of noise today.  I went to put the bins out for collection and huddled behind a bush is a baby possum, obviously fallen from a branch or a wire.  It is trying to make itself smaller than small.  And I hear every noise in our street, aware that each one is probably making this little creature more & more scared.  The garbage truck roaring & screeching &clanking, my neighbour driving nails into the new cladding on his walls, the saw going on the new house up the street, our dogs barking.  All noises that I normally wouldn't hear at all, but that I am super-sensitive to, aware that the possum is probably hearing them all only too acutely.  So, no picnic in the park today, but a wait until animal rescue come.  Soon I hope.

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