Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happiness is...

"Happiness lies in our own backyard, but it's probably well hidden by crabgrass."    Dell

I had to laugh when I read that today...I was looking out at the back yard, a mess of weeds, after weeks of rain.  And I knew that I should really have been out there, weeding and mowing.  But there is a baby quilt I want to get finished!  And that's really pure happiness.  And it's kind of for my own back yard.

Just finishing the hand quilted hearts in the plain blocks, then will have to get the binding on, a quick wash and it's done.  Hopefully by the end of tomorrow morning.  I found the fabric at the Quilters Store last week, I think they're such cheerful fabrics. The big blobby one is a Robert Kaufman 'Celebrate Seuss', the smaller one in the nine patches is called Luna by Gail Fo...rest is cut off!, and the multi is an Andover fabric that I can't see the rest of the name of.  There is a rather nice freehand check in the border - a Lucy Cousins for Andover fabric, covered up though by the Solufleece that's still on it, where I drew the 'egg & dart' quilting pattern.  I saw these happy fabrics and had to have them for just this purpose.... a very quick quilt to say how happy I am about the new baby that's coming. Full of machine quilting mistakes as it's months and months since I've done any, (and I wasn't that great to start with!), to give to my son and his partner for their baby due in December.  Not the quilt that will be the 'special' quilt, I have a lot of applique to get done for that one, but a quick quilt for the floor, the car, for throwing up on, etc!  A little happy quilt to be used.  I've also been making hand bound white flannelette bunny rugs, and white muslin wrappers too.  Much better to do than weeding the crabgrass out of the lawn in the backyard.  :-)


  1. G'day Shaaron,
    What a lovely little quilt - it is sure to be a favourite. Cheers Wendy

  2. I wasn't sure what Solufleece was so I Googled it. Do you draw a quilting pattern on it and then wash it away once you have finished??

  3. This quilt is lovely, pure happiness is the best description...I love it when a quilt feels that way! Can't wait to see it finished.

    And I know what you mean about the lawn, we left one patch on ours so long that it grew wildlife...and I missed it once it was mown again!