Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"Rationality is holding ourselves accountable to the bounds of logic and evidence, even when it is uncomfortable to do so." from the website www.wisdomcommons.org

For the past month we have been opening boxes that have been stored under our house for the last 8 years!  We no longer remembered what was really in them, and it has been a kind of Christmas month, but also a month of having to rationalise why we are holding on to things that we haven't seen for over eight years.  We moved from a big house to a very small house.  Sofas, sideboards, tables, bookcases, you name it, it was under the house and couldn't fit upstairs.  The sofas went a while ago, after the neighbour's chooks caused a rat plague.. But the rest has been sitting there. 

So, we finally couldn't bear it any longer and decided that enough was enough.  It started with my youngest son, who is at home looking after our house while my dh and I actually live overseas.. I came home for a break, and we have continued his beginnings.  Many many boxes to the tip, many many boxes to charity, and some stuff to a new self storage unit. 

The 'uncomfortable to do so..' bit is my having to get rid of books and fabric that I just know I am never going to use, no matter how much I like it.  The bounds of logic and evidence say so...

I will start up a new blog, and put up a bunch of books and fabric on it over the next few days, so watch this space for the address.  There's bound to be something someone might have a home for.

That's my WOW for Wednesday this week!  No pics...the mess we are in downstairs is unbearable and a picture is more than anyone should have to see! Lol.

Update:  some books were uploaded to EBay... look for griffo1910 and see which books I added there.


  1. Hope it all goes well for you !! I need to go through my closed/storage but can't quite bring myself to do it yet!!

  2. Well BRAVO to you I just spent an hour looking for some wool that I know I have and found many thing on my shelves in my sewing room that has to go to a new home. It is time for me to clean out too. Have fun and you will have such a good feeling when it is done.

  3. Oh no, I feel a tiny bit of dread reading this...because I too have boxes which haven't been opened in 10 years - and it's something that must be done - what will I find?? who knows...probably more WIPs...or just mess....I can't think about it yet!