Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spring summer

Tigger, trying to look ferocious

Today I cleaned out my wardrobes and dresser drawers. I have three large garbage bags to take to the charity shop! I feel guilty that I have so much to let go of. And there is still so much more there that it almost doesn't signify that I have taken so much out.

I also had to go to the optometrist for a check. I thought my eyes had deteriorated as I find it hard to see thing at night now and don't sew as much at night now as it is too dificult...but no, apparently not, according the the optometrist. I left my brand new (from last year) glasses to see if a new arm could be fitted. Tigger decided that she liked me so much that she ate them after I'd had them two days! They have been too spiky to wear since, with great pieces chewed by those very sharp little teeth! I really hope they can replace the arm!! I don't want to have to outlay money for a new set.

On the way back to the car I stop at Ewan Gardam's Fabrics, to get a pattern to make some boardies for Nic, from some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. And they are shifting to the suburbs...very sad face. Little side trips into Gardams for fabric fixes was what made going into the city to my dentist and optometrist bearable.

Now it's time for bed...and it's raining! The grass is saved again...for a while. Maybe it will cool down too. It has been hot and muggy all day. I've been wishing I was at the beach non-stop.

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