Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A list of what I want to complete this year.......

Since starting up the blog I have been thinking about what I want to be able to tick off the list when I close the shutters on 2009...so here goes:

  • Create a new garden in the wreckage of the one we used to have before my partner decided we needed a pool. [very eco-conscious person!]
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week, walk every day – firm up by at least 2 inches everywhere, get flattish belly!
  • Finish the Kaffe Fassett inspired quilts [2]
  • Make a quilt from ever-increasing patchwork squares made as leaders and enders
  • Make up dresses from the numerous finished pieces of smocking I completed [number...what is the goal here? Maybe 3?]
  • Finish quilting old hexagons quilt
  • Make new director's chair covers....soon!
  • Begin to play a musical instrument
  • Begin to learn to speak Spanish...have a passable vocab by 2010
  • Finish my degree...only a few subjects to go...must get this done!
  • Have completed a majority of my hand-pieced hexagonal jewel squares
  • Complete double wedding ring quilt....

That will be enough to go on with, except I have left out lots of stuff I really have to do...tidy the office, file everything, get a job, do the tax, ...sleep!! And of course, there are all the really fun things, like going to concerts, and picnics, and dinners with friends, travelling, and digging up interesting stuff...like Neandertals...48 hour days would be really nice...


  1. Woah! That's a lot of commitments.

    Mine would be altered somewhat to something like: choose which musical instrument to learn, then the following year: purchase instrument... etc. LOL!!

    Just take baby steps.

    Congratulations on starting your blog!

    Loz in Oz

  2. lol! I have the instrument...my son's old guitar...now I have to get it some new strings! and I know one word of Spanish...Hola!...now I have to learn..."can I please have some tapas and a big jug of Sangria?!" Lol!