Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend stuff...

A kind of busy weekend...but now that I sit down to write about it I can't really think what we did! Slept in a bit...slopped round a bit...friends came over for some drinks yesterday afternoon...but I forgot to take photos... partner did some major polishing work on his 4WD after the salt and sand attacks of driving on Moreton Island...didn't take photos of that either...but did take photos of going to see/listen to John Cleary...what a great singer and pianist he is. We first saw him playing piano and singing with Maria Muldaur years ago. We loved them so much that we flew to Sydney to see them invited into Maria's dressing room for some drinks with her when she recognised us from the front row of the Brisbane concert..."hey, didn't I see you two just back up there in BrisBANE last week?!"...she really had some amazing stories to that one of those 15 minutes of fame things??

I added a row of snowball squares to my growing snowballs only quilt. I started making the snowballs to go between scrappy 9-patches but like the look of all the snowballs together instead...I think I'll finish at that row now - it has become a square - add the scrappy 9-patches around it, or maybe some scrappy flying-geese...not of those unplanned, just-growing-like-Topsy quilts...I'll post a photo after I have re-charged the battery and can download it.

We've had a friend of my son's staying with us for a month, while he is studying and converting onto another aircraft type (yes, he's a young pilot). Have to admire him, he studies non-stop every day and when he isn't studying he's in the simulator learning. His application is a great lesson in paying attention to one thing and that one thing only in order to get good results. He will be one tired person at the end of the month, when he will have to go to another city and settle into a new life there in a new job...and with a new baby due any day as well. His wife is doing the move on her own...and working, ...and with the baby due in only a few weeks. Been there...don't want to do anything like it again. I feel as though I should be looking after her, not her husband! They don't want to know what sex the baby I'm trying to find baby neutral fabrics that I like in my stash to make a quick quilt for them. Wish I knew what it is going to be...but, wow, don't we all take for granted that we can find out the sex of a new baby before it's born now and don't really understand the desire not to know!?!

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