Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is this blogger's life?

Hmm, why blog I wonder?

To say how good it was on Moreton Island the other day? To reinforce New Year's Resolutions? To record the daily hohum? Probably all of it. But for now I will try to record some of the daily happynings so that I can get my proposed YearQuilt done in print if not in fabric! One person has decided to record her year with a daily photo that reflects that day for her...the Yearquilters do it with fabric...I'll try for either at present, never having been a good journal keeper of either the bound diary sort or any other sort. I have lots of diaries with snippets of life in them...fun to find when I'm tidying up...but I do kind of wonder what happened the next day, or the day before!!

Back to NYRs...get fit, keep the yearquilt diary, if not the quilt, up to date; finish a bunch of quilts already underway; get the officework up to date; dwell only on the happy things; meditate; do fun stuff; do something scary; do something adventurous, (the previous two probably being one and the same!); learn a language; learn to play an instrument; go the art gallery more; finish my degree....is that enough?

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