Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Resolutions 2...

I forgot to add a resolution that I am trying very hard to accomplish....manage to put my contact lenses in, on my own.... my son and husband used to coach me into them,...'up a bit, down a bit, straight in, now!' but they're either not here, or too busy, or just plain sick of me most of the time!

All those of you who wear contacts and have no trouble putting them in, well... :-P.... I have always had great great difficulty, and have more times than not just given up and persisted with my glasses. I decided that enough was enough, and this year, come what may I was going to get those @^%$#!!! lenses in, come what may. Well, I'm into day 8 and now getting them in almost first thing each morning!!! Yay for me! It is so great not to have to go and find my glasses all the time. I'm still not sure how I am managing to get them in, but
I decided that no matter how many times I had to try and get them in, no matter how many appointments I might be late for or miss, I was not going to leave the house without getting them in! On day 1 just didn't go out. After an hour and a bit of trying to put the damned things in I gave in, had a good cry, and sat and sewed, cancelled all appointments!! Day two, took 45 minutes, and I was only a bit late for what I had on that day...Day 3, about the same, Day 4...I was amazed...4th try!! Day 5...2nd try!! Day 6...1st try...Day 7...1st try...Day 8...1st try, but I had an eyelash stuck under one...what pain! So here I am... a happier, long-sighted, short-sighted astigmatic...I have to have different kinds of contact lenses in each eye, one for the long-sightedness, one for the short-sightedness, and of course, each one has different astigmatism correction as well. But wow, it's much better than hunting for my glasses all the time!

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