Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Week That Was...& Why I LOVE Tiger Airways!

I have had a lovely week, flying down to Melbourne on Tuesday, to be picked up by my son's partner, Allana, and straight to lunch, at Sydney Rd, Brunswick. I love that area with it's wonderful quirky shops and some nice eateries. We had a great lunch at one little cafe...whose name now escapes me...but it had a big red and white Illy sign that I first had in Vietnam...and no, it's not the weasel shit coffee...

The weather was awful...39 degrees C...but we soldiered on and managed to browse almost all of the shops on one side of the road...inlcuding my favourite...Kinki Gerlinki...I bought some gorgeously weird little dolls there last year, and use one for a keyfob now...the other two went to NZ to the DGS and DGD.

Then I rang my husband to tell him I was in Melbourne...I'd omitted that little detail when I'd spoken to him in the morning...rang him (he works in Melbourne) and asked where he was taking me for dinner that night! :-) I don't think he was overly pleased...however, what is one to do, when faced with a $21 airfare when browsing the net and seeing what airfares were available...!!! Even with the drive to the Gold Coast from Brisbane it's still a damned cheap airfare!!! I hope Tiger Airways continues, but one has to wonder how they can give away seats like was literally one of their free seats...the $21 was the airport taxes and charges.

The next day Allana took me to see the block of land she and my son have is on a hill and looks out over all of Melbourne...absolutely stunning!! You can't really see that the spires of Melbourne CBD can be seen in the photo, but they're there. Then we did what most females do when they have some time to spare...we went shopping again! Or, in my case, looking...I was on the search for white footless tights, but every shop said the same thing..., I should have been there yesterday, or the week before, etc...

The following day we went to visit the new(ish) National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), at Federation Square. In my case, to see the E Dickens quilts. It was spectacular. I'd love to make something like it, but the idea of the work in it is daunting. The buttonhole stitch on the broderie perse is single thread and so fine! There are really beautiful fabrics in the quilt. If you love quilts and making them, and think you can get to see this quilt I'd really recommend it.
The next day I'd hoped to have to myself before flying home again with DH in the afternoon, but he decided to spend the morning working from home, so it was a quiet morning reading the papers. Then back on the lovely cheap Tiger Airways flight home.


  1. Ooooh, yes, this is great!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Loz in Oz

  2. I have ideas buzzing round my head to make my own version at the moment...but with about siz other quilts on the go perhaps it will have to wait a while! lol