Friday, January 9, 2009

A really nice day...

On Wednesday two close friends and I went to the Queensland State Art Gallery to revisit an exhibition we hadn't had time to see properly last year. The artist is a Brisbane-based artist, Eugene Carchesio. It took us a couple of hours to really look at all his amazing work. There are several works there that I would love to have – actually most of them! Most particularly his watercolours of dead leaves - some from Brisbane, some of leaves he picked up at various locations in Tokyo. I will try and upload an image of one of these beautiful paintings.

Vern, Me & Wendy at the Qld State Library

Before going in to see the exhibition we fortified ourselves with a great lunch at Tognini's at the Qld State Library. The food was delicious, and they have a really good wine selection too. Being school holidays there were people everywhere, children galore. It is nice to see so many families enjoying the amazing facilities we have here in the heart of Brisbane. The State Library is a wonderful facility, recently rebuilt, on the backs of the Brisbane River. Behind it is the new Gallery of Modern Art, and in front of it the State Art Gallery. In this same precinct is the State Museum, and over the road are the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and the Queensland Conservatorium. Set on the Brisbane River and surrounded by beautiful gardens, these facilities are world class and I am always proud to be able to bring visitors here.

Back to our nice the forecourt near us was a big tent, where children were being taught to be clowns and performance artists. We were finishing lunch when there was a parade of costumed children through the courtyard, performing and having masses of fun.

A really nice day.

Children learning to be street performance artists

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